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DK-200 was developed for high grinding capacity. Its remarkable endur­ance makes the machine perfect for every coffee roaster.

Sturdy and with minimal service needs, DK-200 is a grinder to work all day, every day.

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  • Large grinding capacity at all settings
  • Cool and homogeneous grinding performance that preserves coffee’s aroma
  • Step-less grind adjustment of grinding fineness
  • Accurate, wear resistant burrs
  • Disks can be re-sharpened 2-3 times
  • Easy to calibrate, clean and maintain

Technical information DK-200

Voltage / Frequency 380-400V / 50Hz
Motor power 5.5 kW
Average grinding capacity 4-5 kg/min. (The output can vary according to coffee beans type and roasting method)
Hopper capacity 15 kg
Grinding disc diameter Ø 180 mm
Net weight 120 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 450 x 450 x 1500 mm
CE- Conformity Yes
Standard colour Black

*Additional electrical specifications are available upon request
*Special colours can be ordered, please consult with our commercial dept.

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